Oyeleke-Ajiboye-PhD Campaign

Am using this medium to thank all my friends, supporters and family in this race to make our constituency (Boripe, Ifelodun and Odo – Otin) a vibrant economic, social and progressive place.

There has been rumours been spread since last night by some quarters that I am stepping down.
There is no such thing, I decided to join this race to grow entrepreneurs, introduce sustainable healthcare systems, make schooling and education interesting and rewarding for our pupils, empower our women through cooperative systems and make our constituency a robust agricultural hub for the state.

I am not stepping down for any candidate or jittery of testing my popularity and manifesto.

I will borrow a line from Barrack Obama “Our Journey is not complete until we get our mandate, until our fathers, mothers, and children can earn a living equal to their hard work, until our voice as a people is heard.
For our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

Obviously, am now a threat to some aspirants spreading the rumour, which actually gives a good feeling 😉

As a favourite Liverpool Fan, I WILL NEVER WALK ALONE with you guys with me .

Thank you.

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